100%+ Funded - This Kickstarter is on Fire!

100%+ funded and 3 days to go – THANK YOU!!

One of the first things to pop into my head was Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire”: 

Oh, she got both feet on the ground

And she's burning it down

Oh, she got her head in the clouds

And she's not backing down

This girl is on fire

Working in finance, tech & ecommerce with an interest in entrepreneurial ventures, you quickly learn that crowdfunding is a game changer for start-ups not only in terms of raising money, but also for building a community of support. When we mapped out our launch plan for Persist the Game, we knew it had to include Kickstarter for three reasons:

1) Build a Community: We are seeking to build more than just a game. We want to foster a strong community focused on important female/gender topics. THANK YOU for joining us. We can’t wait to hear and learn more from YOU on this journey!

2) Represent the New Female Funding Model: While Venture Capital firms still don’t understand the strong returns generated by female business leaders --- crowdsourcing is a great way to breakdown these barriers and the ratio. However, we knew we were still going to…

3) Take on a Challenge: Being numbers and spreadsheet ladies – we researched the demographics of crowdfunding, and we were initially discouraged. I debated for a full day how to launch a crowdsourcing platform that is female driven (that is NOT Etsy – my husband’s response to my day of fiery)… a separate topic for another day. Anyways, as of a May 2016 article (hopefully gains have been made in the last year) we found, “Men make up a majority of the crowdfunding backers, representing 64% of the backer pool, while women represent 36%.” We surveyed most of our female friends, and they had never bought anything on Kickstarter. This confirmed our hypothesis that this might be a tough platform for our product to reach our customer. However, we felt launching on Kickstarter would be a valuable example to other females looking at the same statistics, as well as, we know we have something that is valuable! We loved seeing the contrast our product had in the Kickstarter game section, and we hope to prove Kickstarter is a successful platform for all genders. We can’t wait to see many more campaigns from female entrepreneurs.

Uff-da – that’s a lot of words to say HOORAY! We did it, we proved it, and we can’t wait to officially share our product with you (and keep the momentum rolling)! Now, we are focusing our attention on ensuring Persist the Game is in in the hands of our Kickstarter supporters by December, launching on Amazon in time for the 2017 holiday AND working on a safe for work edition to launch in Q1 to further push these important conversations. Stay connected --> follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@persistthegame) and please drop us a note when you have #Inspiration2Persist.


-Amber, MB and Kathryn