DIY Neon Sign

Note: A version post originally appeared on Kathryn's blog, Mox & Fodder.

So you want to make a neon sign, eh? Well lucky for you, we just made a kickass "Persist" sign and have all the details below. We are planning on using this sign at some of our upcoming pop-ups and events, so follow us on social media to make sure you don't miss us. 

  • Neon Wire
  • Wood pre-cut to the desired size of the sign (Pro tip: I got mine for free in Home Depot's scrap section)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Electric Drill
  • Pencil

1. With a pencil, draw your selected design/word onto the wood.

2. Anywhere that you would need to pick up your pencil or re-trace a line, mark with an X. The neon wire can't make sharp turns, so you will need to drill holes for the wire to be threaded through the back. Use the wire to mock out how it will need to be threaded in order to see if you need any additional drill holes. For instance, we figured out that the "t" needed a hole in the intersection of the cross, which we hadn't originally expected (note: in the photo below we hadn't yet drilled the extra hole in the "t").

3. Drill the holes anywhere you marked with an X. You will want the drill holes to be slightly larger than the wire, but not too big.

4. Thread the wire through the holes, making sure that the battery pack is on the back of the wood.  We began at the far right side of the design and worked our way backwards because we wanted the start of the "P" to actually be the start of the wire, but that's not necessary.   

5. Trace your design with the hot glue gun, pressing the wire down as you go. If you choose a word with loops, you will need a LOT of glue.

6. Turn on the switch, and enjoy your neon sign!