Entrepreneurs' Day: Find your Girl Gang Community!

Thinking of starting a business or already have one and looking to connect with an inspiring community? There is a myriad of impressive networks, tools and collaboration spaces all oriented at helping drive female entrepreneurship. In celebration of Entrepreneurs' day, we’ve aggregated a few of our favorite organizations that have brightened the path for female owned businesses. Like Persist the Game, each of these organizations are promoters of empowering females and building strong communities for women to successfully flourish. If you are an aspiring CEO or a current woman taking care of business, we’d highly recommend following these groups:  

@Girlboss: With engaging daily online content and a mission to create a community that redefines success for women, Girlboss is a delightful addition to your social media routine every morning. They also hold Girl Boss rallies that include a packed agenda of amazing speakers on a variety of topics for any go-getting female entrepreneur. Our co-founders (MB) recently attended the Girl Boss Rally in New York in November and certainly left feeling inspired and ready to take on the next big challenge.  

@leaninorg: Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In provoked important conversations for women, and those conversations were just a beginning! You can now be a part of local lean in circles and the Lean In website is a treasure trove articles including one of our favorites Women in the Workplace Report 2017.

@createcultivate: One-day workshop, mentor, panel curator for the “curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from influencer marketing and brand building to raising money”, while also having a 365 day conversation on female entrepreneurship online. Oh, and they definitely deliver it in style! We were significantly FOMO-ing over the photos from the recent Seattle event at the Microsoft campus. The next movement is in L.A. on February 24th, 2018, and this time we might have to participate in real life.

@the.wing Co-working community space for women are popping up all over the country. While we are not big enough (YET) to need space beyond our kitchen tables, we love the concept of these spaces! One of our favorite success stories is The Wing in New York, which currently has an 8,000-person wait list with a strictly no male policy – full article here!

@Riveter: Turning it back to our local arena. Seattle has its very own co-working community Riveter that launched in 2017.  We love the messaging promoted on their website and the overall mission of this endeavor, “The Riveter is more than a desk; it is a movement. We aren’t celebrities; we are working mothers. We are not a club; we are a community of changemakers. We own businesses and build brands. We find power in our numbers and to truly amplify our voices, we share what we know and who we know with each other.”

Well, there's a short list of a only a few of our favorite examples of entrepreneurial female communities that help females band together for progress. We would love to hear from you about other exciting trailblazers you think we should know about. Happy Entrepreneurs' Day!